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Educational Program On Brain Tumor

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As part of the ongoing Brain Tumour Programme at King’s College Hospital (Currently with the best survival for malignant Brain Tumours in the UK) ; Mr Bhangoo, Professor Ashkan and Mr Gullan the neuro-oncology surgeons of King’s College London and founding partners of LNP are due to host the third King’s College neuro-oncology educational evening at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 9th of September. Previous talks have attracted attendees from across the UK and Europe in a wide variety of Brain Tumour related disciplines.


The evening’s programme (part of an ongoing educational project) will feature word leading experts from across Europe with special expertise in the connectivity of the Brain and Advanced Imaging of the Brain. As part of King’s leading awake craniotomy programme the evening will have as its particular focus the interplay of Brain Tumours and speech.


An added bonus for the evening will be a talk from speakers from the The UK Brain Tumour Charity entitled ‘Losing Myself: The reality of Life with a Brain tumour.