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It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that with immediate effect, three of the partners of SNS are joining our group. SNS is the only other neurosurgical partnership in the United Kingdom to have a well-established presence in London and particularly across Kent.

Not only is it a real delight to be able to expand our group and welcome our friends as partners into our practice, this move ensures that our group remains at the forefront of neurosurgical practice.

In particular the three new partners bring world-class expertise in the treatment (both non surgical and surgical) of spinal conditions, skull base neurosurgery (including pituitary and acoustic neuroma surgery) and the investigation and treatment of facial pain.

Perhaps equally important is their deep understanding and ongoing commitment to medical practice across Kent. As a result not only will LNP consultations and treatment be available at those sites in London and Kent that the new partners have always practiced at, their expertise will also be available in all existing LNP facilities and shortly in new facilities to better serve our patients in Kent.