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Surgical treatment of the brain


The role of surgery may be diagnostic or therapeutic. Some patients may not be suitable for surgery.The location and extent of a tumour may make it unsuitable for a removal, in which case a biopsy may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy removes a small piece of the tumour so it may be examined under the microscope.  When performing a biopsy we always use image guidance or a stereotactic frame as it is undoubtedly the safest way to perform a brain biopsyIf the tumour is in a relatively “silent” part of the brain or if it so large that it is causing symptoms or raised pressure in the brain, it may be debulked. The aim is to safely reduce the volume of the tumour. A craniotomy is performed with image guidance or with the help of the stereotactic frame. For primary malignant tumours of the brain we are able to use the latest tumour fluorescent labelling techniques (Gliadel©) to ensure the most effective possible tumour removal and instil intratumoural chemotherapy (Gliadel Wafers©) at the time of surgery if possible.