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Welcome to the London Neurosurgery Partnership

The London Neurosurgery Partnership is a unique concept in the provision of neurosurgical care. The team comprises eleven Consultant Neurosurgeons, all of whom are recognised superspecialists in their given area of expertise. As a result we can ensure that every patient seen by the group is matched with the Consultant Neurosurgeon best placed by virtue of their training and expertise to deliver the individualised and state of the art care each patient deserves.

Working as a team also ensures that our patients can access high quality neurosurgical care at all times from a consultant who will be familiar with their treatment plan at a location convenient to the patient. When appropriate, advice and treatment can be delivered by the composite team.

In summer 2013  three partners from SNS joined our group. SNS is the only other neurosurgical partnership in the United Kingdom to have a well-established presence in London and particularly across Kent. The three new partners brought world-class expertise in the treatment (both non surgical and surgical) of spinal conditions, skull base neurosurgery (including pituitary and acoustic neuroma surgery) and the investigation and treatment of facial pain, as well as a deep understanding and ongoing commitment to medical practice across Kent. To learn more visit the SNS Associates site.

The London Neurosurgery Partnership has access to all of the latest neurosurgical technologies including the CyberKnife® and Gamma Knife® for radiosurgery which avoids the use of conventional open surgery in some cases and Minimally Invasive Techniques for both Cranial and Spinal neurosurgery when this is not possible. A key aspect of making use of such cutting edge technologies is the decision making process involved and this, in our opinion, is best done by a group of clinicians who are used to working together as a team to ensure that the latest technology and techniques are used appropriately based on the latest clinical guidelines.


The London Neurosurgery Partnership is able to provide treatment delivered by an expert in every
neurosurgical sub-specialty.

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